Oh Give Me a Home

“Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam…”

In the Black Hills, buffalo remain prominent symbols of the past. The American Indians held buffalo in the highest respect, knowing well that the animals provided life for their tribes. From their hides and bones, to their last ounce of meat, every morsel of a fallen buffalo was put to good use. Today, the buffalo is a rather rare sighting. A Sunday drive through Custer State Park is one of the few places the public can view buffalo in their habitat. Although lesser known, the Frawley Ranch has managed a small herd of buffalo since the late 1990s. This buffalo herd has become a symbol of the Frawley Ranch for locals. Driving on your way to Deadwood, the herd can often be seen loping and kicking their way through the tall grasses.

Buster, the herd bull, has become somewhat of a novelty on the ranch. If you’re lucky enough to safely approach the bull in our tour vehicle, he just might take your breath away. Buffalo are a truly magnificent creature. They are nurturing and protective of their tiny spring calves, as well as riotous and quick to mistrust those who come closer than they should. There’s nothing quite like coming face to face with a wild creature of that magnitude… They make you feel small and rather insignificant, quite like seeing the ocean for the first time. It’s a quietly humbling experience that everyone should experience just once.

Luckily, that’s now an option with the Historic Frawley Ranch Tours. After a tour through the herd, don’t be surprised if you find yourself humming that famous tune…

Oh, give me a home…

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